About Us

The New England Theatre Conference, Inc. is a non-profit Corporation, composed of individuals and organizations in the six-State region of New England, who are active or interested in the performing arts.

It recognizes the unique identity of each organization subscribing to it, and acknowledges its reliance on the individuals, artists, scholars, teachers, students, and practitioners who comprise its membership.

It invites the participation of other individuals and organizations in this Corporation who would share in its common causes, which are:

  • to develop, expand and assist theatre activity in New England on the educational, community and professional levels;
  • to study and preserve the theatre in its many aspects;
  • to develop the highest possible standards;
  • to foster, support and promote the educational aspects of theatre;
  • and to encourage interchange and mutual aid, with close cooperation between our region and other state, regional and national theatre organizations, and with organizations in the other fine and applied arts.

Mission Statement

New England Theatre Conference is the network that connects, supports and provides resources to theatre artists and educators throughout our region, while promoting excellence in the field.

Vision Statement

Improving the quality of life in New England through theatre.

Goal 1: NETC will be a recognized voice for all practitioners of theatre in New England.


  1. Fully represent all theatre practitioners in New England
  2. Provide resources to all theatre practitioners in New England
  3. Balance Divisional energy and participation
  4. Increase visibility and position in all New England states
  5. Double the membership proportionately in all categories in 3 years

Goal 2: NETC will continue to expand its support and encouragement of excellence in theatre in New England.


  1. Reinforce the regionalism of the New England Theatre Conference
  2. Nurture and promote excellence for new theatre activity in New England

Goal 3: NETC will continue to strengthen all aspects of its operations, optimize its use of its human resources, and improve its long-term financial strength.


  1. Develop Board membership to reflect the diversity of theatre in New England, including geographic, divisions, gender, age and ethnicity
  2. Increase Balanced Annual Operating Budgets at the rate of at least 25% per year
  3. Increase our ability to fund theatre activity in New England

Founded in 1952 by the legendary Boston drama critic Elliot Norton who believed that theatre activists had much to offer one another, NETC was established as the place to learn and share that knowledge. From this simple premise NETC has grown into a dynamic force in New England theater