NETC Theater Auditions

The 2020 NETC Theatre Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 7th - Monday, March 9th, 2020

The Verve - a Hilton Tapestry Hotel in Natick, MA

Audition Application


All applications, payment, and student verification and recommendations due February 1, 2020.

APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED for the 2020 NETC Auditions.

The annual NETC theater auditions provide a service whereby producers and directors of New England and other theatres from throughout the country meet in a group to audition and interview candidates for positions in summer and year-round professional theatres as performers.

These theatres offer both job-in and full-season employment, as well as Equity Membership Candidacy Programs. An average of 30 companies are represented at these auditions annually, including summer and year-round theatres (Equity and non-Equity), college-based summer theatres, repertory companies, Shakespearian and Renaissance Festivals, outdoor dramas and faires, music theatres, touring companies, children's theatres, and dinner theatres, whose seasons include the classics, dramas, musicals, comedies, and revues. Casting companies and professional theatre training companies and conservatories are also represented.

2020 Producers, Studios and Casting Agents:   (as of 3/3/20)

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These auditions are open to non-Equity members and Equity Membership Candidates. Equity members are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must be college students or adults, 18 & older. High school students or individuals under 18 are not eligible. In addition to young performers, producers are interested in seeing mature, adult talent with professional experience and/or experience in community or summer theatres, for both seasonal and job-in employment. 


How do I apply?

The NETC theater audition application is only available online. Audition Application We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to complete the application.

Carefully complete all sections with your most up-to-date information that best highlights your skills and range of talents. The acting experience sections allow you to add up to 10 productions you have been a part of.  Do not list scenes done for a class.

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications, student verifications and recommendations, and payment must be received by February 1, 2020 to be considered.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all recommendations and verifications are turned in by that date.

Which headshot should I use?

Choose a headshot that best shows your personality. All applications and headshots are copied in B&W for the Producer Books. A vertical headshot with good contrast is best.

Should I choose Musical Theater or Acting Only?

Applicants may choose to do either Musical Theater or Acting Only audition. Due to the high volume of applicants for Musical Theater slots, we recommend those who are less experienced and first year applicants to select Acting Only for a better chance at an audition slot.


Because of the nature and demands of summer and professional theatre operation, most producers are interested in experienced, trained candidates for their seasons. The NETC auditions are intended to showcase the best possible talents we can offer to theatre producers; therefore, all performer applications will be screened by a panel of theatre professionals who will select those they feel qualify and merit an audition appointment.

This selection process is intended to improve the standard of these auditions for both the applicant and the producers. Screening and selection will be based on training and experience, and versatility in roles previously played. On student applications, comments and recommendations from directors and instructors are required, and will be an important consideration in the selection process.


ALL NOTIFICATIONS ARE MADE BY EMAIL. Be sure to check your SPAM folder for communications from NETC so you don’t miss any important announcements or notification of your selection. Add as a contact.  NETC is not responsible for missed notifications and deadlines due to not checking your email or submitting an incorrect/dead email address.

When will I find out if I have been selected?

Approximately three weeks before the audition, all performing applicants will be notified by email of the screening results and the date and time of their audition if they have been selected. In addition to those given a time slot, a limited number of stand-bys will be selected. No time slots can be given to stand-bys, but they are guaranteed to audition in their chosen day/session. Stand-bys must check in and sign up at an appointed audition session, and will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis as slots open up during that session. Only those applicants who are selected and invited will be allowed to come in on stand-by. Applications of those who are not selected for an audition or stand-by slot will be distributed to the theatres attending the auditions – over 40 nationwide producers.  Producers do review these applications and have hired directly from them in the past.

I can’t make the audition time I was assigned. Can I switch?

The auditions committee will schedule the date and time of each selected applicant's audition according to the preferences listed on the application. In the case of extenuating circumstances (job, travel schedule, rehearsal or performance commitments, etc.), applicants who will have difficulty in attending the auditions on their assigned day or time may submit a change request to We will try to accommodate requests as space is available, or the applicant may be switched to a stand-by status (stand-by auditionees are not given a specific timeslot but are guaranteed to audition within a chosen session). There is no guarantee, however, that such change requests can be filled.


Am I auditioning for a group or one producer at a time?

The selected applicants will audition for the assembled body of producers on March 7 - 9, 2020. There will be two audition rooms running at the same time at all sessions: one for those who are acting only; the other for musical theater actor/singers. Applicants are required to note on their application whether they will be acting only or if their audition will include singing and/or dancing, so that they will be assigned to the appropriate audition room. Since a total of only 710 applicants can be accommodated (355 in each room), applicants will be given only one audition appointment, and may not audition in both rooms. It is important, therefore, that performers showcase their strongest talents. Applicants with limited or no experience in musical theatre are cautioned not to apply for a musical audition, as previous experience is a strong consideration in the selection of performers for these slots. Acting Only candidates are more likely to be selected to audition as there are fewer applicants.

How long is my audition time slot? What should I do?

Performers will be given a TOTAL OF TWO MINUTES AUDITION TIME (strictly enforced) to present their selections.  An MC will introduce you just before you begin, so you do not have to slate your name. You are not required to slate the titles of your audition songs/monologues, but may do so if you wish. Your time will begin after you slate.

Musical Theater should prepare one song (or two 16-bar samples) and one brief monologue. An accompanist will be provided, or applicants may bring their own accompanist. Singers must bring their own sheet music.  If the NETC accompanist is used, music must be in the right key (the accompanist will not transpose). It is strongly recommended against singing acapella or using recorded accompaniment, but there are no rules against doing so. NETC does not provide playback equipment and your timeslot will not be extended in the event of technology malfunction.

Acting Only should prepare two brief contrasting monologues. Shakespearean monologues are not required. One chair will be provided (that you must place yourself). Props and costumes are not recommended. 

Be well prepared for your audition! Get help from an experienced director or coach when preparing your selections. Choose your selections carefully -- producers have expressed displeasure with audition monologues that are overtly political, violent or obscene. Choose material that is appropriate to the types of theatres for which you are auditioning and to the shows generally done by these theatres, and with a realistic view as to what roles and productions in which you might actually be cast. Take your age and limitations into account when selecting characters or plays for your audition pieces. In other words, do characters and material you would conceivably play in a professional or summer theatre. Two minutes is a very limited time, and applicants are urged to prepare their selections carefully within the established time limit in order to showcase their talent to the best advantage.

What should I wear?

Wear clothing that is simple, permits ease of movement, and is serviceable to your audition selections. Movement is very difficult to evaluate when the applicant is wearing boots or heavy clothing. Hair styles which hide features are detrimental. Costumes and props are unnecessary. Remember, this is a “job interview.” Dress accordingly.

What about callbacks? When will I know if I have been hired?

Callback lists will be posted every hour. Callbacks are held over lunch break and after the auditions have ended for the day. Dance Call will be held at the end of each Audition day. Applicants may also be asked by theatres to attend a further/later callback at another location. Many theatres do not hold callbacks or interviews at the NETC auditions as they prefer to contact applicants directly at a later date. A lack a day-of callbacks does not mean you won’t get an offer! Few offers are made the day of the auditions and are generally extended from a month to three months later.  Be sure your contact information is up-to-date and correct on your application form.

Callback notices are posted every 1 1/4 hours throughout the sessions.  Callback meetings and interviews are generally held during the 12:30-2pm and 6-8:30 breaks.

What time should I arrive? How late will I need to stay?

Auditionees should arrive at least one hour prior to their audition time slot to check in at the registration table.  This will give you enough time to check in at registration, spend time in the warm-up room, and relax in the waiting room to hear your name called. Stand-by's auditioned in the order they check in at registration as slots become available during their assigned session. Morning registration begins at 7:30am and the standby list will open at that time.

Dance call is by invitation only and is held after all auditions have ended for the day. (Musical Theater auditionees with later timeslots may wish to wear clothing comfortable for dance to their audition as the turn-around time is very quick).  After learning the routine, dancers will be shown in groups of 6 to the assembled body of producers.  Dance call may go as late 10pm. 

It is possible that you will be at the hotel until late in the evening, even if you have an early morning audition. Please plan accordingly. Breakfast and lunch consessions available for sale in the hotel lobby.


On your application, please check if you would be interested or willing to accept an internship or apprenticeship. Several of the theatres use these auditions to find applicants for their intern and Equity Membership Candidate programs. A few theatres, which offer internships / apprenticeships, charge a fee for these positions. Most offer some kind of benefit: a small stipend, room and/or board, college credit, an option to register as an Equity membership candidate, etc. Theatres offering internships and apprenticeships will furnish descriptions of their programs and benefits, and this information will be distributed to applicants at the auditions.


See the NETC Application and Audition Overview tab to see what companies will be represented.



Looking to hire non-Equity and EMC professional and ready actors for your summer series, year-round or other paid production? NETC theater auditions are the nations longest-running and most respected audition weekend and remain the most affordable option to see up to 800 qualified actors, singers and dancers.


Producers Can NOW Register Online by visiting the Producer Registration Page

March 7 – 9, 2020

The Verve Crown Plaza / Hilton in Natick, Massachusetts

We are proud to announce our 54th annual theatre auditions. We have set the dates and location and invite your participation! As in previous years, will host approximately 800 pre-screened Acting Only and Musical Theatre performers. Please read the information below and complete our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

These auditions will be held on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, March 7, 8, and 9, 2020, at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Natick, Massachusetts. The auditions are open to any and all types of theatre operations - summer and year-round, dinner and cabaret theatre, touring companies, theatre training conservatories, theme parks, outdoor drama companies, casting agents, etc.

We’d like to call your attention to some of the features of this audition:

1. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is easily reached by public transportation, and offers some excellent features including plenty of space for the auditions and callbacks; fitness and business centers; restaurants in the hotel as well as in the immediate vicinity; and free parking. Special Club level accommodations are available.

2. A meeting for all theatre representatives who will be attending the auditions will be held on Saturday morning, March 9, at 8:30 AM for a quick tour of the rooms we will be using (we’ll provide continental breakfast). This meeting will also give us an opportunity to meet one another, explain the audition procedures, answer any questions (especially for the benefit of first-time participants), and discuss any problems that might come up during the weekend.

3. Performers will audition in two theatre spaces, which will run concurrently: one for those who are acting only, the other for those whose auditions will include singing and/or dancing. Following each audition session, callbacks and interviews will be held in The Apollo Ballroom, where all the theatres/companies not renting callback rooms will be assigned a numbered table. A Dance Call will be held at the end of each audition day. Callbacks CAN NOT be held in hotel sleeping rooms. For those theatres that would like an individual room for their callback/interviews, we have reserved 24 rooms on the 1st floor and 17 on the second floor - the charge for the use of one of these rooms is $80.00 per day. If you are interested in renting one of these rooms, please indicate on the Registration Form, and include payment with your audition service fee. Callback space will be assigned based on date of receipt of Producer Registration Form.

To ensure that information on your theatre is included in the published material, which is given to all applicants at the auditions, please register by February 15, 2019.

Early Bird Special: Register before January 1, 2020 for a $20.00 discount off your registration fee. 

If you have any questions or need additional information please email Tina Carlson, NETC Auditions Coordinator:


Companies that attended the 2019 Theatre Auditions:

Berkshire Theatre Group, Children's Stage Adventures, Inc., Circle in the Square Theatre School, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Family Performing Arts Center, Feld Entertainment, Hackmatack Playhouse, International Lyric Company, Jean's Playhouse, Lost Nation Theater, Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre, Missoula Children's Theatre, New Bedford Festival Theatre, Inc., New London Barn Playhouse, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, Palace Theatre, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Peterborough Players, Powerhouse Theater at Vassar College, Royal Caribbean Productions, RWS Entertainment Group, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, SIVA - Summer Institute for the Vocal Arts, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, The Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Theatre By The Sea, Virginia Repertory Theatre, Walnut Street Theatre, Weathervane Theatre


All applicants must pay an audition application and processing fee. The fee for current members of NETC is $40.00. For non-members, application fees are $60.00 for students and $70.00 for non-students, which includes membership in NETC through August, 2021. These fees are non-refundable and do not guarantee an audition appointment.

For information on joining NETC, email or call (617) 851-8535.

All auditions are held at the 

The Verve - a Hilton Tapestry Hotel * 1360 Worcester Road * Natick, MA 01760


Reservations may be made by calling the hotel’s reservation department directly 1.800.774.1500.

Please ask for the New England Theatre Conference rate.

You can also use the following link: The Verve - A Hilton Tapestry Hotel

Standard Rooms $142 Rates do not include applicable sales tax of 11.7%

Make your reservations by February 19, 2020


From Logan International Airport: Follow signs to the Sumner Tunnel. Go through the tunnel. Upon exiting, bear to the right and stay in the left lane. Look for signs for the southeast expressway and the Massachusetts Turnpike. At the first light, take a left following signs onto the expressway. Approximately one mile further, take exit for Mass Pike follow directions below for Mass Pike west.

Eastbound on the Massachusetts Pike: take Exit 12 (Route 9) going east. Follow Route 9 for approximately 4.5 miles. "The Verve" is on the right hand side 1/4 mile after Sony Movie Theaters, across from Natick Mall.

Westbound on the Massachusetts Turnpike: take Exit 13 (Route 30) Framingham/Natick. After the tollbooth, bear right and at the second light take a left at Shoppers World entrance. Follow road to the end and then take a left onto Route 9 Eastbound. "The Verve" will be 50 yards on the right, past Dunkin Donuts. From Route 495: Take Route 495 to Exit 23A (Route 9 East). Follow Route 9 for approximately 8 miles. "The Verve" is on the right hand side 1/4 mile after Sony Theaters, across from Natick Mall.

From New York/Connecticut: Take New England Thruway (Route 95) North to New Haven. In New Haven take Route 91 North to Hartford. In Hartford, take Route 84 East to Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90). Follow directions above from the Mass Pike eastbound.

From Logan Airport:

  • Go to Ground Transportation platform & look for Logan Express pickup spot (Courtesy Vans & Buses) Take the RED Logan Express bus – Framingham line. $12, one-way, $22 round trip.
  • Tell the driver you are going to the "The Verve" Hilton Hotel Natick (formerly a Crowne Plaza).
  • Driver will alert "The Verve" courtesy shuttle.
  • Logan Express Framingham will take you to their terminal in Shoppers World.
  • "The Verve" courtesy shuttle will pick you up there for a brief ride to the hotel.
  • If you do not see the shuttle, call "The Verve:"  508-653-8800.

Train from Boston:

Take Commuter Rail from South Station or Back Bay on Framingham/Worcester line to West Natick station.

  • Timetables are available at train stations. Service is approximately every two hours Saturday and Sunday; more frequent on Monday morning.
  • Hotel will provide courtesy shuttle from West Natick railroad station to hotel.
  • Look for hotel vehicle; promised to meet all incoming trains Saturday and Sunday morning.
  • If not there, immediately call hotel, 508-653-8800.
  • Be sure to take train to West Natick station NOT Natick Center