Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Christopher Crossen-Sills, President

Andrew Lidestri, Executive Vice President

Julianne Alberty, Managing Director

Jim Quinn, Clerk of the Corporation

Sabine Klein, Immediate Past President

Director of Marketing

Currently Vacant

Director of Development

Currently Vacant

College/University Theatre Division Directors

Edmond Chibeau

Jeanne Beckwith

Secondary School Theatre Division Directors

Janet Warner-Ashley

Kerri Cooper

Youth Theatre Division Directors

Currently Vacacant

Professional Theatre Division Director

Christine Williamson

Community Theatre Division Director

Sharon W. Houk

Directors at Large

Taryn Chorney

2018-2019 Committee Chairs

Theatre Auditions

Joseph Juliano, Jr.

Tina Carlson

NETC New England Theatre Journal

Stuart Hecht

College College of Fellows, Dean

Ann Marie Shea

Annual Excellence in Theater Awards

Kerri Cooper

Moss Hart Awards

Moss Hart Chairperson

John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award

David Frieze

Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award

Aurand Harris Chairperson

Marie Philips Service to NETC Award

Beverley Lord

Leonidas A. Nickole Theatre Educator of the Year Award

Currently Vacant

AACT Liaison

Beverley Lord