NETC 2018 Theatre Auditions Producer Registration Form

  • This form has four (4) parts, please read carefully and fill in all applicable fields.
  • Part (1): Fill in your contact information. Include your email and phone number so that NETC can contact you if there are any questions about your registration.
  • Part (2): Indicate what sessions that you will be attending, and what type of auditions and interviews you will be holding.
  • Part (3): Please provide information about your productions, job openings, technical and staff positions, employment conditions and so on.
  • There is a $100.00 Audition Service Fee.
  • You may pay by credit card, see Part (4).
  • You may pay by check or mail in your registration form, see Part (5).
  • All credit card payments are processed manually by NETC.
  • NETC will mail you an acknowledgment and receipt to the address that you specify in Part (4).

1. Enter Your Contact Information

(summer, year-round, touring, dinner, etc.)

2. Sessions, Auditions, Technical/Staff Interviews

Select all sessions that you will be attending

Select how days that you want an individual room for callbacks/interviews (if any).

($75.00 per day).
($40.00 for the weekend)

3. Theatre Information Sheet

Please fill in completeley and accurately. Information will be distributed to all applicants.

Projected 2018 Season

(Example: 4 months, June-August 2018)

Jobs For Which You Will Be Interviewing

(List Individual Positions)

Interns and Apprentices

(Benefits, EMC offered, cost to applicant, etc.)

Additional Employment Information